Sunday, April 17, 2011

Trying something new

This past week was pretty regular. Except that Tay was sick and not feeling well at all on Thursday and Friday. We had a good week overall. On Wednesday night after my session with Drew, I went out to Amanda's so we could walk together. It was really great to have that time with her. When we got back, it was time that the girls be picked up from church. Amanda said that I could drive her bug. Well, the bug is not automatic. It has a gear shift thing. You know, where you have to press a clutch and move the gear stick at the same time. Can you tell that I have NEVER driven a stick shift vehicle before? I have wanted to learn and Jametra keeps telling me that she will teach me. But we haven't made it yet. So when Amanda offered to teach me, I said YES! So in we get. I asked if she liked her house, since we were in the garage. HA! I finally got it backed up and made it to the end of the gravel road. I honestly wish someone had been filming this or at least taken pictures. (only from the mind of a blogger) Did I mention that she lives in the woods on a gravel road? Once we hit the paved road, I freaked. I don't know what happened. I want to blame it on the darkness and the curvy road. Honestly, I flipped out. I came to stop on a hill. Bad move. The car started rolling back and I told Amanda i could not do this and she had to drive. She said to get out, but all i could see in my head was the car rolling over me and rolling into the ditch. So I waited for the car to go dead then switched places. She got in and took off like lightening. Do any of you drive a stick shift? It would be interesting to see who can or can't. Once we got to the church, we went in to watch Hannah's drama practice. I love drama teams at church. I have been on several and even started a few. SO much fun. I can hardly wait for Easter to get here, so that I can see them perform. On Thursday, Tay stayed home from school because he didn't feel good. So we layed around all day. He wanted to sit in my lap and cuddle a lot. Sweet boy. Pictures from Wednesday:
He almost looks like he did something he shouldn't have...
Big smile
Had to ride his bike
On Thursday, Anns must have been really tired. By the time we got home, she was sound asleep.

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  1. So cute!

    Thank you for the info on the Nook, I am going to head to B&N tonight to do some last-minute Easter Bunnying and I will check them out!

    Happy Easter!