Monday, April 25, 2011

New Buttons!

I am so excited about my new buttons on my blog. When I was giving away Reshaping It All, Melanie entered to win. She retweeted about the contest and I started following her on Twitter. She has a website at Elegant Custom Blogs. She created these awesome buttons for me. I like having the option for others to just click once and be able to "find" me. HA! She was so great to work with. So understanding. And she got exactly what I wanted. I could have never done that on my own. I felt as though I was apart of every step. Melanie, thanks so much for doing this! I love the buttons. But now I'm wanting a complete blog makeover to match. Umm.... But if you're looking for some cute things for your blog, please get in touch with Melanie. And if you want, "grab" my blog button on the side! Have fun.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you!!!! You're SO sweet!!! It was MY pleasure :) Hey, I also wanted to tell you that I'm doing a giveaway over at so go enter!!! :)