Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Week in the life.... Day 1

**This was supposed to post yesterday. Not sure what I did wrong. Oh well, it's here now.**

I know that I'm not a mom. I'm not married. But I do live a very busy life. I'm a nanny to two great kids during the day Monday-Friday. I also work nights at our hospital in Labor and Delivery. Both are great jobs and I love how my life is right now. I of course am praying that one day I get married and have a family of my own. But, for now this is where God has me. I just wanted to document how my life really is right now. I got the idea from Kelly. She did a day in the life of... on her blog and it was great to see what she did all day. Since this is more of a typical week for me, I thought now would be a great time to document what we do all day. I told Anns about it this morning and she's excited to play along. So I will be posting everyday just what I/we did all day. Very boring for some of you. I will only be doing this through Thursday. On Friday, I leave to go to Destin, FL at 05:00 am!!!!! Here we go:

Monday, July 11,2011

My alarm went of at 6:00am. I didn't get up till 6:40. I showered and dressed. Got to the Hill's at 7:40. The kids ate breakfast. Then they got dressed for the day. We headed outside for a few minutes.
Anns at the door of their new playhouse 
Tay climbing the trailer to the playhouse

I needed to run a few errands and wanted to get them over and done with before it got so hot. The heat index for today is 115. UGH! So we went through the car wash and vacuumed out my car. We ran to the bank. Then we made a dash into Walmart. Super quick errands today. And it all went smoothly. I was glad.
He loves to help vacuum ANYTHING
Anns was in charge of the mats 
At Walmart. They talked me into getting the buggy where they could both ride. It's a hassle to push, but there wasn't any fighting. I'm learning now to pick my battles with kids.

We came home around 10:00am. I switched laundry and cleaned the kitchen while the kids picked up their toys. Then, Tay colored and cut some paper while Anns read two books to me. Then we played outside again until lunch time.
She's a great reader 
It kept him busy. And I love his expression 
What to play with next? 
Riding her doll around
Yummy pb&j, chips, oranges 
beef and veggie soup with oranges

After lunch, Anns read two more books while Tay played with his trucks. They played upstairs while I folded clothes until naptime. Anns doesn't have to nap, she just has to be quiet in her room or the playroom. It's important to me that Tay takes a nap. It sets the mood for how our afternoon goes. On Monday's we have an earlier naptime because Anns has gymnastics in the afternoon. Tay took a great nap today. During nap today, I caught up on blogs, facebook, and twitter. Then I layed down for an hour as well.
So sweet.

I got Tay up and we took Anns to gymnastics. She goes home with a friend afterwards, so Tay and I came home. We snuggled on the couch and he used me as a pillow. I loved every minute of it. He played with his trains while I folded and put away laundry. I left once their dad came home.
A friend from middle school that I haven't seen in years called me that evening. Turns out she lives about 2 minutes from me. She and her two girls came over for a quick visit. It was good seeing her again. We will be seeing each other a lot now. Jametra cooked supper for us. Then I went to take a friend some things. By the time I got back home, I was very tired. So I headed to bed.
Ready for gymnastics
Very delicious! Baked pork tenderloins,corn, mashed potatoes.

A happy Monday for all!

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