Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 1-4, 2011

The kids went to their Nana's house on Friday (the 1st). They will be gone until sometime later this week. I am having some withdrawals. I do miss them. I'm also enjoying this break, so it's a win win situation for all.

July 1- I slept in. Didn't even get out of bed until about 9:30. I ran a few errands. Then I went over to Hannah's (a co-worker) house. We ordered lunch to be delivered and watched a movie. Then we got on floats and floated in the pool for a while. We were meeting more friends for dinner that night to celebrate Hannah's birthday. After I went home and got dressed, I went to a movie. Then met up with more co-workers, their husbands, and other friends to eat Mexican. YUMMY! I told them it was Hannah's birthday and they smashed her face with whipped cream. She was not expecting it at all. I'm glad she a good sport.
Sweet tea!!!  
Love this look on her!

July 2- I didn't get out of bed until after 11:00. I met Jametra for lunch and ran to Walmart. That night, I went over to Denise's house. Her birthday was last week and she was having some friends over that night. I love hanging out with this crowd, because I always have fun and spend most of the time laughing. Her kids (she has 5, including the 2yr old twins) ended up staying home with us as well. We had so much fun. Watching them sing and dance was hilarious. They are learning a dance for a cousins wedding. Needless to say, I will be video tapping that dance!
Denise and I 
Tesha and I 
group shot 
practice will hopefully make perfect

July 3- I picked Trey up to spend the day with me while his mom worked. He was wide awake at 6:45 and didn't slow down. We had breakfast and he wanted to see my parents, so I took him over there. He wanted to go fishing, so we went. They got live night crawlers (worms). Trey was not sure about that. He didn't want to touch them. Fishing with a 4yr old isn't always easy. I will say that Trey had great patience most of the time. I did not. But I waited because I knew it was important to him. He did catch a small fish. He was so excited!!! And then I caught on and was more excited than he was. I love seeing his face light up. And it was worth every minute out there. Now he keeps asking when we are going back.
Laying in bed. I wasn't ready to get up yet. But, he WAS!  
my dad and Trey 
holding the worms 
giving it a shot 
the first cast 
ready to go (this is a little out of order)
running on the pier 
waiting patiently
So proud of his FIRST fish!!!
Love this grin and this boy!!

July 4- Happy Independence Day America!!!  I love living in this country of freedom. I know that so many people don't have the freedom that we have. I am so grateful and thankful to all our armed forces that serve daily to allow our freedom. THANK YOU!!
I spent the day asleep. I worked all night and had to work again. Hoping for a great night at work!

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