Monday, July 4, 2011

Where have I been????

Just a quick (image my sarcastic voice) update of my June 2011. I always say that I am going to blog more. It never happens. EVER!!! But here is another try. I'm using this post to fully recap the rest of my June. And then to start July!
I haven't been using my camera much lately. So most of this pictures are from my phone.

June 17- Anns was at her last day of VBS for a few hours that morning. Tay and I ran a few errands in the rain. He loves to wear his rain coat and boots when it rains. I'm in the process of moving and got my new keys made. One place Tay and I went was Lifeway. I love that store so much. I bough the new Thou Shalt Laugh DVD. Chonda Pierce (my favorite) is the host of this DVD. I spent that Friday night curled up in bed with Chonda and the guys on Thou Shalt Laugh. I laughed so hard!!! Laughter truly is great medicine to your soul.
Asleep in his rain coat 
New Keys 
A great DVD if I shall say so myself

June 18- My cousin Courtney married my childhood friend, Allen. I grew up with Allen and his family. His mom was my Girl Scout Leader in elementary school. They were like family. And now they are! Allen and Courtney are so great together. It was a very pretty wedding and I loved her colors. Black and Hot Pink! I got to see some family members that I hardly ever see.
After the reception, I went over to Sade's house for her sons birthday parties. L is 4 and S is 1. Time goes by so fast! Jametra and I went to dinner later that night. Then I went home to pack some more boxes.
On my way to the wedding 
Timothy (my brother), me, Brittany, Aaron (cousins) 
Courtney's bouquet- that I caught! If only.... 
me with the Bride
Her Cake

June 19- Happy Father's Day! I went to visit at Sade's church and really liked it. I know that I will go back there. I also went to church with Ken, Amanda, Hannah, Hollie, and Mom. He didn't know that I was coming so it was good to sit by him during church. Afterwards, I went to my grandmother's for a Father's Day and Birthday party for my grandfather. My great grandmother was coming and I wanted to see her while I could. My mom's parents even came to have lunch with us. I didn't stay very long because I had to work that night.
This is me and my mom's mother. For some reason, this is this only picture I can find from that day. Although, I KNOW I took more, I think I may have deleted them.

June 21- I spent the day moving some of my things to a storage unit. I didn't know that it was supposed to rain. I hardly ever watch the news or weather channel. This was the only day I had open when I wasn't keeping kids, so it was a now or never situation. I chose the now. So I moved in the rain. Thankfully none of the tubs leaked and everything inside stayed dry.

June 22- Anns wanted to play with her golf set that morning. So we did. She and Tay set up there tees and hit golf balls in the yard. Then I took the kids to bowl. On Wednesdays, its only $10 for an hour of bowling. With two kids, they played 2 1/2 games in an hour. Fun times had by all. I took them to Burger King for lunch. They love playing in the play area, and I have no objections to this activity. While we were inside, a thunderstorm swept over our area. So we waited a while and then made a mad dash to the car. I love naptime when there's a storm outside.

June 23- Kiddos and I just hung around the house. We went to my new house to drop off a few things. They played hide and seek and it was fun to watch them running and giggling. I love to hear kids giggle. Such a sweet sound.
the way his legs are crossed makes me smile
This is the cookware set that I want. They sell it at Walmart along with other pieces from the same collection. One piece at time and it will be mine.

June 27- Just another day with the kiddos. We walked around the lake at their house. Well, I walked and they rode bikes. It was getting hot very quickly. We left the heat to play inside. That night, I went to watch Trey (a friend's son) play his last ball game. He's 10 and their team is really good. It was fun to hang out at the ball field with friends. It's getting my ready for when my Trey starts playing ball.
Really cool kids 
Got to hang out with Buzz for a while
Trey on 3rd base 
Ketra, Anniston, Kadence
Trey's dad and 2yr old twin sisters (they were a surprise)

June 28- I had planned on taking the kids to swim over at a friends house. Well, it began storming while we were waiting to pick up my Trey. So we went to my house to hang out and eat lunch. Then I took Anns, Tay, and Trey to the indoor play area at the mall. They needed to run out some energy before naptime. I got to leave early and took Trey to my mom's house. He has learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. He is such a big boy. Certainly not a baby anymore.
a favorite summer lunch:
pb&j, chips, carrots with ranch, apple slices 
a picnic in the kitchen 
I remember when Tay couldn't climb on this bear by himself. Now look at him. Where has the time gone? 
Might as well all climb up 
This is the train conductor. With a serious mullet 
I WILL be here on OPENING DAY!  
I hardly ever make it to happy hour at Sonic because that's when we have naptime. But today Trey and I swung by.  
No training wheels 

June 29- I slept all day after working all night. I got up a little early, so I got some dinner before going into work. We recently got a new frozen yogurt place and I had never been. So I stopped in on my way to work. It was very tasty. I love that I get to make it myself.

June 30- I took the kids to play mini golf. They always like it and it not expensive. We ate lunch and then played at the park. We all took a good nap that afternoon. I'm always the most grateful when we all nap.

Whew, what a month. Any days I missed where full of working and sleeping. I'm hoping to do at least one post for every week in July. Not to set my goals to high!

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