Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 5-9, 2011

I have a hard time coming up with blog post titles. So for now, it's just dates. And that's ok with me. I have not accomplished much this week. The kids are still gone, so I've just been hanging out at home. I started walking in my new neighborhood. People sit on their porch and wave at me. Dogs bark at me, but none have come close to me yet. I'm reminded so much of God's love and grace towards me on these walks. Something about being outdoors in His creation that draws me closer to Him. Next week will be busier. The kids will be home. I have to work 2 days. Then, I'm headed to Destin, FL with 13 women. And I may start packing now. Yea, right. I know that I will pack on Thursday night. Maybe even Friday morning. I'm just excited to go for a few days and lay on the beach!

July 5- I slept a LOT! And watched movies or read a book. Nothing exciting.

July 6- I actually got up and out of bed. I went to see Monte Carlo at the theater. It was a cute movie.

July 7- My friend, Jametra, finally moved in!!! i had been living there alone for a couple of weeks, but she finally got herself in gear and joined me. It was my night to cook at work, so I made Cheesy Italian Shells. Very yummy. Then it was off to work for 12 hours.
Waving. She's really happy to be moved in. 
Time to eat 
Neither one of us brought a can opener. (Not all the kitchen stuff is moved yet)
So we made do. With a knife and a hammer. It worked and it's a fun memory.

July 8- Sleeping all day and working all night. That's all I did.

July 9- Sleeping a while, doing laundry, and working all night. (see a pattern?)

I just wanted to add this:
I'm not a person who worries too much about my hair. I try new styles and colors. OFTEN. Right now it needs to be colored again actually. And it's curly right now. I straighten it for a party the other night and when looking through pictures, I noticed how long it's gotten. I'm trying to let it grow, but I get summer fever and cut it because it's so HOT here. Maybe I'll change it again soon. Maybe not.....
July 2010- short, blonde, and straight 
July 2011- longer, not as blonde, straight 
June 2011- longer, darker, curly
For some reason it looks darker in person and curly. Although it looks really blonde when I straightened it last week.

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. I have naturally curly hair and love it! I do play with my color a lot though. I have thought about going and seeing that movie one day this week. I may have to check it out now.