Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Making the most of it

October 16th
Well, my car broke down. When I left work at 3am on the 15th, I noticed that my battery light came on. I went home to bed. I got up early to take it to an auto place for them to check it before work that night. They decided that I need a new battery. My cheapest route would be to get a charger from Walmart and let it charge overnight and that should hold it until Monday when someone could replace my battery. (My car battery is under the front fender for some reason.) On the way to Walmart, my car stops. In the middle of the street. At a busy intersection. In the middle of downtown. I made a few calls with no such luck. I waved to the guy behind me to go around. Well, he didn't look and a car ran right into him. Everyone was fine. I got some help pushing my car into a parking lot. My friend, Hannah says that she will come get me before we go to work. She arrives and saves the say. My parents agree to come and get the car to my house while I'm at work. They call me and say that I'm missing a belt, and the car will have to be towed to my house the next day. So I waited around at work until it's time to go home. My car eventually makes it to my house. But it's Sunday and nothing is open to fix it. I was thankful to borrow one of their vehicles for the week. After getting their truck, Jametra and I meet to get dinner. As we were coming home, I noticed that a man was working on a car at the car place on our street. So I talk Jametra into riding down there with me so that I can ask him if can fix my car. He said that he can and will be by on Monday. Praise The Lord! Jametra and I go home and play cards until midnight. It wasn't that best Sunday, but things all worked out. And for the I'm grateful. i really wish I had taken pictures along the way.
Jametra in her gown and robe. She was freezing and I had the fan blowing on me.

My Presence with you is both a promise and a protection.-Jesus Calling

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