Monday, October 31, 2011

October 17

I got up and headed to the Hills'. It was Dr. Hill's day off, but she had a few things to do. She had promised Tay that she would come home and bake cookies at some point and she did. They had so much fun. i love when parents involve their kids. She and I talked about getting Tay's hair cut (he cut a chunk out of it at school). We agreed to meet at the place where I get my hair done. Tay and I picked up Trey at school. We headed to the mall. Tay got his hair cut and we played for a few minutes in the playground. Then it was naptime! Dr. Hill went to watch Anns at gymnastics. Tay's dad came home early, so it was a short afternoon. Trey and I went to my house until his mom got off work. I needed to unload some things from my car before the man come to work on it. He played football in the backyard with some kids from next door. Then we made a quick run to the store. I was going through some pictures looking for some in perticular. We ate dinner. We waited on his mom to come. And the man never showed up to fix my car. I saw that my neighbor was home and asked him if he could fix it (he has a car shop). He said yes. Told me what to get and everything. Trey's mom came and I finally got in the bed. I don't know what was going on with me that day, but I just felt drained. Sleep was very much needed.
Cheesy grin 
Throwing away ALL the sippy cups 
such a big boy 
finally gone!  
rolling out the dough 
ready to make cookies 
press hard 
ta da  
Tay and I  
getting a haircut
future football player
Found my mask from New Orleans
Playing go fish with phase 10 cards
he won
making a homemade quesedilla 
my egg maker- love it
going through a box and found a letter from Hannah. I cried. And then had to call and talk to her.
all smiles
waiting outside on his mom 
too cool 

However, the reality of My Presence with you, now and forevermore, outshines any fantasy you could ever imagine. -Jesus Calling

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