Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 1-2

I can hardly believe that it's already October. This month will be pretty busy for me, so I'm striving to stay on top of things. Ha, we'll see how it goes. 

October 1- I drove up to Clinton, TN from work during the night. I was helping with a Chonda show. Honestly, I was so excited to just be going. The drive there was filled with lots of cd changing and loud music. I checked into the hotel and took a much needed nap. Then I went looking around the town. Went to a mall and used a Lane Bryant coupon and got a really cute dress WITH A BELT! I could hardly believe that I bought I belt to wear. Then I ran into Walmart and headed back to the hotel to get ready. I checked in with the lady I was helping and was just hanging out for a while. I saw Cyndi- yep her name is just like mine- (Chonda's merch girl) and went over to say hi. You would have thought we were two high school girls with all the screaming and carrying on. So funny. But we were just excited to see each other. Then I ran around and worked the merch table. I did make it inside the concert. And as always, I LOVED hearing Chonda. She's always funny and yet so right on about so many things. I love hearing the audience laugh and respond to what she's saying. So much fun. After the show I helped pack everything up and load it into the bus. Warren Barfield is traveling with Chonda on this tour. I didnt' get a picture with him while he was inside, so I asked for one at the bus. And he was so nice to take one with me. He even took the picture of us. He was playing with my camera and Cyndi came out of the bus and said Chonda wanted to see me before I left. So up on the bus I went. And Warren continued to play and take some pictures with my camera. I got some pretty funny pictures from him. Chonda and I talked about her upcoming DVD taping. And please, if you are ANYWHERE near NASHVILLE,TN on Oct. 20th, please come see Chonda (and me) at her next taping. There are two shows that night and I promise that you will have a blast. All that information can be found on her website at Afterwards, I went back to my hotel for a night of sleep.
tune collection for the drive 
found a frozen yogurt place 
the mall 
Cyndi and Cyndi 
And the funny facial expression began 
Singing her heart out  
Warren Barfield and I 
Cyndi, me, Chonda 
I absolutely LOVE her!  
admiring my great necklace 
have no idea what's going on here, but I like it 
Jack- Chonda's dog

I am not only committed to caring for you, but I am also absolutely capable of doing so. - Jesus Calling
October 2- I slept in and didn't check out unitl the last minute. I drove to Chattanooga for lunch. After lunch, I walked around for a while. Then I made the drive back to Tupelo, MS
I decided on the drive back to go see Courageous. I got to the theater a few minutes late and saw some people waving at me. I saw the youth leaders from the youth group I was a part of. So I sat beside them. When the man beside me (whom I didn't know) began crying about a scene and a half into the movie, I knew it was over for me. Yep, I cried the rest of the movie. It was well worth it though. I love this movie. Such an incredible message not only for dads, but EVERYONE. Anyone and everyone should see this movie. Completely in awe of the message. And it makes me want to pray even harder for the man of God that I one day hope to marry. It's a movie for dads, moms, singles, children, families. Everyone. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
found this kiss from Cyndi in my purse  
beautiful day 
the river in Chattanooga 
sunshine+breeze=great day for walking
the view walking into Starbucks 
enjoyed coffee outside- I think I've become slightly addicted to the pumpkin spice latte 
plugging all my gadgets up for the ride home 
absolutely gorgeous creation

I know everything about you-even to the number of hairs on your head. You don't need to work at revealing yourself to Me. -Jesus Calling

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