Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October 3-6

October 3- Monday, hello to you to. It was another day of typical things around here. Tay and I at home. Anns at school. You know, the usual. Tay and I went and got Trey from school. After naptime, the boys played outside for a while. They had tricycle races. Trey and I met Mimi for supper. Then I took Trey to his mom and headed home.

racing his cars 
treehouse fun
two of the joys of my life!  
snack time- apples
Trey and Mimi

October 4- Took Tay to school. Then I took a nap. Ate lunch ALONE. Picked up kiddos. Homework then naptime. Got Anns ready for her first soccer game. Their Nana came into town to go to Anns's game. Then I went to work.
just me and my nook

October 5- Off to school for Tay. I went home to nap and ended up being able to stay at home for the rest of the day. Then it was back to work again.
blowing on his oatmeal 
ust have thought it was too early for pictures 
we do his inhaler every morning before going out the door

October 6- Tay and his class went to the pumpkin patch. His mom wasn't able to go with him, so I went. It went really well. We rode with Mrs. White and her granddaughter D. Tay and D are best friends. They play together so much. I only took 195 pictures that day. ONLY! So enjoy a few from the day:

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