Thursday, November 10, 2011

A New Found Love....

So I have a few "bucket list" lists going right now. One thing on my list is to go to a college football game. MSU-Go Dawgs! Honestly, I'm not a huge football girl. I love basketball though. I've become more interested in football thanks to twitter and facebook. Seeing other people get excited and hearing about parties and tailgaiting and things just make me want to join in. Basically, I would like the social part of the game. Afterall, I was a cheerleader. But I've wanted to go to a game for a while now. And I was blessed to be given some tickets for the game on Saturday. I even had to go buy something MSU to wear to the game. I gave two tickets to Hannah and Neal and then Jametra and I went as well. We went to Starkville early to eat at Mugshots. I've heard that it has the best burgers around. We saw Ken, Amanda, Hannah, and Hollie there. One AWESOME thing about being in Starkville and posting on FB that I was coming, was that my friend Ashley saw it and met me at Mugshots. Just to see me! I haven't seen Ashley in years. I loved being able to see her and catch up while I was waiting for a table. She is just the sweetest person and I'm so glad that things are going well for her in life. After lunch, it was time to head to the stadium. We found our seats without a problem. We did get there really early though. I loved where our seats were. We were 7 rows from the field. How cool is that? While I was at the game, I asked my twitter pals to keep me updated on the LSU vs BAMA game. They did a great job of it. Hannah and Neil got there and it was almost game time. Since it was Homecoming, the band did it's routine before the game began. I absolutely LOVED everything about the game. From the pre show with the band, being with friends, sitting near the student section where it get very loud, watching the game, and winning. I am so wanting season tickets now. I LOVED it. I may be hooked. Hoping I get to go to another game soon. But, if not next year for sure. I may have taken a lot of pictures. Ok, I took a lot of pictures. But, that's what I do. I had so much fun!!!!
me and Ashley 
Hollie and I 
Amanda and I 
Hannah and I 
at the game 
band coming out 
drum line 
welcome to MSU 
pre game show 
Bully the Bulldog 
Dan the man 
i want their cameras 
sitting while a player was down 
Neil- Hannah's hubby 
Go State! 
Let's Go. 
homecoming queen 
thought this was very funny 
love this picture

I set up no barriers between us; neither do i tear down barriers that you erect. -Jesus Calling

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