Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 20-23

November 20- I got up and went to church at my old church. I wanted to visit and had been meaning to for a while. So when Toya texted me to come to church, I told her I would. I loved seeing old friends that I don't see often and the service was great as well. After lunch, I headed home to wash laundry before going into work that night.
she is so beautiful 
Toya and I  
Destiny and I 
London and I  
London showing off 
Miss Priss

November 21- I went home after work to get ready for an appointment I had that morning. It seemed to take forever (2hrs). But, once it was all done, I was excited and pleased with the way everything went. Then I came home to sleep before going back to work.
before leaving

November 22- It's release day for Karen Kingsbury's new book Longing. I have been reading her books for years and I look forward to each one. I love having my Nook, because now I can download the book at midnight and it's ready to read instantly. Love that. After an extremely busy night at work, I got off that morning and headed to the Hills' for the day. I took the kids to see Happy Feet 2. It was really cute and I will probably see it again with Trey. The movie finished just in time for naptime. Their dad came home and I headed home as well. I read for a little while and was asleep before too long.
do a little singing 
he had to sing as well 
my "breakfast" that the kids cooked 
rock stars 
playing "DR" 
heart check up 
giving a shot 
she thought this was so funny 
a little light reading
loving her dip n dots 
he wanted popcorn
even I had to get some dip n dots 
we all wore MSU shirts/jacket 
trying to get a good picture 
silly kids 
yep, really silly kids

November 23- I was off from both the hospital and the Hills' and I had plans to sleep in. After sleeping for 11hrs, I was wide awake at 5:00 am. The same time that my alarm always goes off. Go figure. So I stayed in bed and finished reading Longing. Such a good book. If you've never read any of Karen Kingsbury's book I suggest you start with the Redemption Series. It starts with Redemption. Absolutely life changing. Makes me want to start the series over from the beginning again. After getting up and dressed, I went out to go into town for a few things. Well, my car wouldn't start. I called a couple of places and nobody could get to it until Friday. I was thankful that at least Jametra and I work at the same place and would be going in together. She got dressed and we went shopping for a few hours. Or maybe more like 6. We bought a Christmas tree and some things to make a wreath. We picked up Hannah's dogs from the vet and took them to her house for her. Then we headed home. We both were sleepy, so we went to bed early.
I tried the carmel brulee latte at Starbucks- my new favorite

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