Saturday, November 26, 2011

A very busy Saturday

November 19 was such a busy day for me. Trey came over really early so his mom could go to work. We had made plans to take pictures that day with my family. I went and got my hair done before the salon even opened. So thankful that my friend Shannon was able to do my hair that day. After getting my hair done, we went home to finish getting dressed. We met everyone at the location and spent the next two hours taking pictures. I had promised Trey that I would take him to ChuckE Cheese afterwards if he smiled and behaved. I'm hoping to get at least a couple of cute pictures for our Christmas card. After I took Trey back to his mom, I went home for a quick nap. Then I got ready for the Reba concert. I happen to love Reba. I just do. Jametra and I went. Amanda (my SIL) and her mom also came. After the concert, I found out that a lot of people I knew went. I took a LOT of pictures as usual, so I hope to not overload on pictures for this post. We had an absolute blast!!! I loved every minute of the concert. At the end, Reba even changed outfits to sing Fancy. Loved being able to see her in concert again. So much fun!
playing skee ball 
driving the Nascar game
very excited to be at the concert 
Amanda, her mom, and I 
9th row from the stage
Up first was Eden's Edge: 
Next up was Steel Magnolia with guest James Otto:
and then REBA!!!!
LOVED the concert so much!

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