Friday, December 23, 2011

Busy, busy day

December 15- I dropped Tay off at school. I rushed home to shower and dress before having to pick Anns up at school for her 60% day. We had lunch at one of my favorite places- Mt. Fugi. We headed over to Tay's school for his class Christmas party. Their mom was meeting us as well. It was a cute party for the last day of school for the year. After the party, their mom went back to work and I headed home for naptime with the kiddos. I was staying later than usual with the kiddos so that their parent's could attend a Christmas party. I was so blessed to find out that she had bought tickets to Disney on Ice for me and the kids. And she even got one for Trey! How awesome was that? So I picked up Trey and we all headed to Disney. We got some food and into our seats. The kids were all very excited to be there. And if I'm honest, I was THRILLED to be there. The show was really good and the kids all behaved. I now want to own and watch all the Disney movies. Time to add to my collection.

sweetness at lunch 
reading while waiting for Tay's class 
mommy and daughter 
Anns and I 
I was told this is a typical face for me- it scares me 
helping Tay open his book 
snack time 
a Rudolph nose that lights up  
Tay and his best friend D 
rubbing noses 
his little class

Now for some serious picture overload from Disney on Ice:
I was a lot of fun. The boys with their swords.
Anns with her Belle necklace.

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