Monday, December 26, 2011

Out of the box idea

December 16- I knew the kids were out of school for Christmas break and wanted to do something different. It's hard around here in the winter to come up with new things for kids to do indoors. So I went a new hotel in our town and rented a room so that we could spend the day at the indoor pool. Cool, huh? All three kids (Anns, Tay and Trey) LOVED it. They swam for four and a half hours. I bathed them and got them and myself dressed for dinner. We met their mom at Longhorn, but the wait was horrible. So we went to Mt. Fugi. We sat at the hibachi table and the kids had a great time. Trey and I ran to Walmart for some snacks and went back to the hotel for the night. We ate cookies. We drank Root Beer. We watched a movie. And I went to sleep. It was so worth it for me to have had so much fun.
they worked on a gift for their mom 
being creative 
they could see the mall from our room 
all ready to get in 
silly boy 

We had so much fun! I suggest if you can do it sometime, it's a perfect thing to do with kids in the winter.

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