Friday, December 23, 2011

December 12-14

December 12- Tay and I started the day off by meeting my grandmother to do a little shopping. He was really good. Sometimes I worry about shopping in the mall with a 3yr old, but usually he is no trouble at all. We shopped and ate lunch. My grandmother told Tay that she would be his "Nanny" too. He told her he already had a "Nana". So I guess I get to keep my grandmother. It was really funny. We came home and he did a "Christmas surprise". He really just cut out and glued paper. Then it was naptime. We picked Anns up from gymnastics. Another day in the neighborhood.
Tay and Nanny 
we ran into Santa on his break in a store. He was nice to stop for a picture.  
Tay got this at Hobby Lobby- it was worth the $1.50 to keep him entertained.
The "Christmas secret" project:

December 13- I took Tay to school. On my way home, I got a tweet from Hannah wanting to have lunch with me. So instead of napping like I should have been, I met Hannah for lunch. It was fun and I love getting to hang out with her. I made the rounds for afternoon pick ups. We had naptime. Then the kids and I went to eat at Peppers for supper. They were coming to the hospital to hang out for a little while until their dad could come pick them up. Anns has been wiggling two teeth for a while now. Well, tonight she pulled her front tooth all by herself. It's really funny to me that her mom (who is a Doctor) doesn't do well with the pulling of the teeth. So I got her all cleaned up and put her tooth in a bag. After she got home later, she pulled the other one. Big night for the Tooth Fairy.
Hannah and I
kiddos at supper
Tay coloring
Anns trying to work the puzzle
Big girl pulling her tooth
All I want for Christmas is my front tooth
her tooth

December 14- As soon as I got to the Hill's, Anns had to show me the empty space where there used to be a tooth. After picking up kiddos and beginning naptime, their dad came home a little early. I got a text from Marquita saying that she had been contracting some and was hurting. So I talked her into meeting me at the hospital to get it checked out. So I spent my couple of hours before going into work waiting with her. Everything seemed to be ok and she was sent home. I'm glad that Ella has a few more weeks to "cook".
Toothless grin 
She's going to kill me for this...

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