Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

December 24- I got off at 3am and took a nap before all the festivities began. I went to Denise's house to see her kids open their Christmas presents and have breakfast. I went to my parent's house to have lunch with my mom's side of the family. It was nice to see all of them and get to hang out for a while. Then I went to my dad's parent's house. After I found out that my cousin wasn't coming until much later, I went and took a nap in the bed. I woke up to open gifts and spend time with them. I haven't been able to stay for the whole night in a few years because I've been at work every year. So I was happy to stay longer this year. Let me just say, those people are crazy!!! And fun. And I love them.

Kimberly and Keston
the girls with their new cars- BMW no less
opening my gift to them
Keston in the shirt I got him. It came with an amp and it plays music
new bikes
Anniston in her high heels
me with Kadence
my cousin's daughter Madeline
my grandmother with her first great grandchild
bright eyes
my grandfather with Madeline
Madeline wasn't interested in opening presents
new coat
new jacket
a picture of all of my family
new sweater
me with my Pawpaw and MamaDean
my Nanny with her Peppers gift cards
my Poppy with his new drill
opening their picture of our family
being crazy 
Pampered Chef dot pattern glasses 
he got a MSU cup and I got the glasses 
I got the Paula Deen cookware set 
me and my cousin Brittany 
Amanda, Brittany, and I  
the grandkids
Amanda, Timothy, me, Brittany, Arron 
Amanda, Timothy, and I 
Brittany and Arron 
growing up with these two was rough!  
Timothy, Amanda, me, Tina, Terry
my Aunt Patrice, Brittany, Arron
my grandparents- Guy and Nellie
Amanda and Timothy
Amanda and I 
Amanda and Brittany
Brittany and Timothy acting crazy as usual.

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