Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Trey and I. I love this year's card. Hillary's friend Tricia designed it for me.

Christmas means so much more to me than the presents, pretty lights, and all the shopping. I think about a time long ago when in a simple, stinky barn The Messiah was born. A Savior for all mankind that was wrapped in cloth and layed in a manger. The very Son of God. My Jesus. My Savior. To think of His humble beginning and know that God loved me so much that He gave His Son for me, is almost to overwhelming. When I think of how Mary must have felt not having a proper room for a birth. What Joseph must have said to Mary when there was no where else to go. How Mary felt when The King of Kings was layed in her arms. When the Wisemen came with gifts. When the Shepard's followed a star. I'm amazed at how much God truly loves me.
This year I have been so into Christmas music. Any and all. But this year I'm loving one song so much. I have it on repeat in the car and at home. It has brought me to tears several times. I've tweeted and facebooked some lines of the song. It's "I Believe" by Natalie Grant. Simple breathtaking.
This is such a powerful song!!!
December 25- I got to sleep all night. When Jametra got home from work, we opened our gifts to each other. After that, I went to my parents house to open gifts with them and my brother and SIL. I went to our church service. It was very good. We had a candlelight service, a devotion, and some songs. Very quick yet so touching. I went straight to my grandparents house for dinner with her whole family. I took a quick nap while waiting on people to get there. We ate lunch and just visited for a while. I left there and went up to my great-grandmother's to see her for a few minutes. Then I headed home to get ready for work.
a new journal for the upcoming year 
cake pop maker 
a Charming Charlie gift card 
Alabama bottoms 
crystal picture frame 
same trimmer 
gift card 
movie time 
Pampered Chef dot pattern dinnerware 
Charming Charlie gift cards 
Paula Deen cookware 
all his garb 
family pictures
Brittany and Amanda 
how many people does it take to figure out Word Twist? 
Nanny and I 
me and Aunt Dina 
me and my mom 
naptime for Brit 
us with Granny 
my great-grandmother and I

Hope that everyone has had a very Merry Christmas!

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