Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas with Trey

December 26- I got off work and took a small nap. I went to get Trey and head to do more Christmas activities with family. We went to Ken and Amanda's first. I loved seeing the girls and hanging out for a while. Trey had fun as well. I'm hoping to see them more in the upcoming year. Hannah and Hollie are teenagers that are busy! I'm glad that they were both home when I went over. After that, we went to my parent's house so they could have Christmas with Trey. It was so good. I love seeing how they are with him. God truly does restore relationships and trust. And I'm beyond grateful. Trey got lots of presents. He got lots of camo clothing from my parents. He, my dad, and my brother went hunting for a little while that evening. Trey didn't like it too much. He said "We didn't catch anything!" So funny. Trey got punch balloons in his stocking and before the night was over, we all had one and were fighting with them. A memory I will always treasure. A great day for sure!
Ken and Trey putting together a puzzle 
Amanda and I 
completed the puzzle 
helping Hollie put together a lego set 
Trey and I 
He came to me wearing his new football uniform- he wore it most of the day  
he got a pistol dart gun  
opening gifts 
Veggie Tale book 
big present 
a remote control helicopter 
some whoopie coushins
a bigger bike 
it took all three of them to put the dart gun together 
decked out in camo 
target shooting 
yep- playing football inside 
tackling my dad 
getting tackled by my brother- he looks so happy though 
ready to go hunting 
the kids and the punching balloons 
such a joy 
Trey with my dad 
Trey with my mom

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