Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 5-11

Once again I am behind on the blog posting. And once again I am going to play catch up in hopes that I can keep it up.

December 5- I have been looking for some earrings and a bracelet that my cousin wants for Christmas. It's been harder than I thought without going broke. So I found a few pictures online and sent them to a woman at my work and she was able to make something that I think will work. Tay and I spent most of the day at home. We picked Anns up from gymnastics. I headed to work later. Very much another Monday around here.
the earrings my cousin wants 
watching tv 
play time 
I make a mean grilled cheese

December 6- I took Tay to school. And before I knew it, it was time to start the carpool rounds. Anns had an appointment for a haircut right after school. We had a shorter naptime and I did a few things around the house and ironed Tay's pants before they took family pictures that night. (They turned out really cute!)
being a nanny is a tough job ;) 
Anns and I played this while waiting on parents to get home

December 7- SNOW! It began snowing this morning. It's finally feeling more like Christmas time. Taylor thought that he should catch a snowflake before going to school. And he tried. And he did it, so he said. After getting home, Jametra and I begin to work on a gift project that she has seen on Pintrest. She found a simpler recipe from the Woman's World. So I agreed to help. (The jars came from Hobby Lobby). It turned out really cute I must say.
Chocolate Martini Body Scrub:
1 cup Raw Sugar (the coloring may vary on the sugar)
1 cup Epsom Salt
1/2 canola oil
2 tsp cocoa powder
Simply add all ingredients and mix together. Then pour into a glass jar. Add a cute ribbon and ta da!
Lemon Drop Bath Salts
3 cup Epsom Salt
1/2 tsp Lemon Extract
1 tsp sugar
yellow food coloring
Again, simply mix all the ingredients together and put into a jar.
I also did a strawberry margarita bath salt with the recipe above. Just add strawberry extract and red food coloring 
I put a label on the top of what's inside.

December- Nana was here to keep the kiddos for a few days, so I had a couple of days off. I did a little Christmas shopping that morning. I headed to Lifeway with a coupon. I was glad to get a few things crossed off my list. After a nap in the afternoon, it was off to work I go.
picked these up at Lifeway

December 9- I got to go home after work and go straight to bed. Problem with this is that I never sleep all day. Even when I can. But I got up and dressed to go hear Patrick House, Biggest Loser Winner Season 10, speak at our Wellness Center. It was great to get to hear his story and meet him.
Patrick and I 
he hosted a mini boot camp at the Wellness Center 
sharing his story

December 10- I slept most of the day and tried to rest as long as I could before work. I'm on this kick of trying to take a picture everyday and at 11:55 I realized that I didn't have a picture for that day and I got out my camera and took some pictures of us in front of us our Christmas tree. And the date on the camera says the 11th, but the time is set wrong, so I have to fix it. I'm so glad I work with people who understand and comply to my quirkiness.
Our tree 
Hannah and I 
Casey K

December 11- Since I already had my camera out, I might as well take a few of us as well. After work, I went home to take a nap before heading to Memphis. Priscilla Shirer was preaching that morning at Life Church. It's one of my favorite churches ever. If I lived closer and could be more involved, I know that I would attend church there. I had a wonderful time at church and stayed for two services. She always hits the nail on the head for me. Love hearing her preach/speak. Phenomenal. I went to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings and stopped in Southaven to see a movie. Nothing like a day to yourself.
Hannah and I  
Sade' and Casey K 
love this ornament 
and this one 
Waiting for the second service to begin

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