Wednesday, December 28, 2011

December 21

Since everyone is on Christmas break, it means that I am as well. At least where the kiddos are concerned. So I spent the morning being lazy and getting the rest of some gifts together. I had another appointment right after lunch. Afterwards, I went to O'Charley's to set up for our secret pal Christmas party. We had to have it at a restaurant before some people went to work. It wasn't ideal, but it worked out. This is our big reveal night. I always know who everyone has by this point. It was fun to see the ones who have never done this before. I love having secret pals at work.
gifts on the table-ready for everyone to show up 
Jametra and I 
Holly and Jametra 
Sean and I 
he's so cute 
Pam and Holly 
me with Abby 
Hannah loved her blanket 
and her doggie pjs 
Abby opening gifts 
Any guess as who bought those dvds?  
we had to start opening two at a time 
Pam is very excited 
about her luggage 
Wanda with her new coffee pot 
Cindy's ornament 
Hannah made this scarf 
Sade' is overjoyed with her painting 
and her makeup kit 
got the movie on my list 
bundle up 
cute eyeshadows 
a body pillow 
the group 
Holly and I 
Pam and I 
Cindy and Holly

We had a good time. Next year we are aiming to have it at someone's house again.

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