Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello December

I haven't always been the biggest fan of Christmas time. Putting up a tree, hanging lights, decorating the house just seemed like a lot of unnecessary work to me. I think it's pretty when other people do it, I just don't like doing it. However, the year something has changed. I keep telling myself I'm getting softer in with my age. I've ENJOYED putting up the tree and getting different things to decorate with outside and inside the house. Now, it's nothing like most of the other bloggers I follow homes. Or the homes/pictures I see on Pintrest, but I'm just starting out in this field. I'm hoping to score on several holiday items once Christmas is over and things go on sale. But for now, I will continue to collect one thing at a time.

December 1- Today is field trip day at Tay's school. His class is going to see Santa at the mall. And I'm going along for the ride. What a ride that was. Nothing like 30 3yr old at the mall to see Santa to make your day so bright. It went really well. Tay was worn out by the time we left. He was asleep in the car before we could get far down the road. We all took a nap that afternoon.
his class 
trying to kiss the Santa mail 
looking at the decorations waiting in line for Santa 
you better be nice 
while other kids were still taking pictures this group played ring around the rosie 
singing very loudly on the carousel 
all smiles 
climbing like a monkey 
at story time at Barnes and Noble 
passed out in the carpool line

December 2- Tay and I set off to do some Christmas shopping before meeting some friends for lunch. We ate at Mt. Fuji- a Japanese restaurant in town. They have a hibachi table. I'd never eaten at the hibachi table before, so we did for lunch. It's like a dinner and a show. Very cool. I took Tay back to his house to meet his grandmother who was picking them up today. I ran a couple of more errands and headed home. I put on some Christmas music and worked on a few projects. Jametra came home and we ended up staying home all night. We cooked supper, turned on the tree lights, and wrapped presents. We were in the bed by 9:00. Some fun we are. But it was a good night.
helping put the candy canes in my trunk 
someone didn't want to take his picture with me 
but I talked him into it 
Hannah and Jametra 
hibachi grill 
egg roll 
the cook tried to through egg into Tay's mouth-he missed 
he missed Jametra's as well 
smiley face 
I love this picture of Trey. It looks better in person in the frame. But simply, breathtaking.

For supper that night we cooked a really easy and yummy chicken dinner:
put 2 cans cream of chicken in crockpot
add 2 blocks of cream cheese 
add 2 pks dry Italian seasoning 
cook on low for 30 min
then add chicken (we added 6 chicken tenders-thawed) 
cook on high for 4 hours and serve over rice
This is SO GOOD!!!! We even ate it for breakfast the next day. 
using my Christmas cup 
my wrapping paper for this year
our finished tree 
a blue peacock- who else has that on their tree? 
wrapping gifts

December 3- I had agreed to take some photos for a friend and her family. She hasn't had any family pictures made in a while and I wanted to give it a try. After that was over, I went to Lifeway and did some Christmas shopping. I got a few new cds for myself! I had lunch and then headed home. I cleaned my house and did some laundry. I met Jametra for dinner and then went to finally decide on the family pictures I am doing for Christmas. A very full and happy Saturday.
Aren't they precious? 
I'm loving these cds!

December 4- I went to church in Houston at New Wine. This is one of my old churches and they are still my family. Some of my greatest friends go to this church. My friend Berea was having her little boy's first birthday party after church. It's hard to believe that Zeke is almost one. Since he was born on Christmas Eve, she had his party early. I loved getting to see my friends, enjoyed a great service at church, and had a blast at Zeke's party. I came home to nap a little bit before heading into work for the night.
I got to hold this precious baby boy most of the day.
his outfit is so cute 
Zeke's party was farm themed 
the birthday boy 
Bella- Zeke's cousin 
Bella and her mama Beka 
Berea and Zeke 
Dusty, Berea, and Zeke 
so cute 
wild hair 
me and the birthday boy!

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  1. Love the new look of the site! Good Job! As always, I love your up-beat outlook on all things. Merry Christmas! :)