Monday, December 5, 2011

Last of November

November 27- Sunday was a very lazy day for me. I just hung out at home and stayed up long enough to watch Chonda Pierce in 12 Wishes for Christmas. She plays the guardian angel. I loved the movie (of course). If you want to catch it in Dec, check your local channels for the ION network.
yes- I took a picture of the tv. Lots of them actually.

November 28- It's been raining and yucky for the past couple of days. With no end in sight. So Tay and I stayed home ALL DAY LONG. In his words "I'm going to hang out with you today." And that's what we did. I actually enjoy the days where we don't have anywhere to be. After lunch he told me he was really tired. And he went to sleep. For 3 1/2 hours. That's the longest nap I think he's had all year. Their dad came home early and I went to get Anns from gymnastics. I dropped her off at home. I decided to go see a movie. Alone. And have dinner. Alone. Kelly wrote a post on loneliness and I told her that it was very fitting for my life right now. I'm usually not really bothered about doing things alone. Often times, I just want to be alone. After being with kids all day and with adults all night, sometimes I just want to do something by myself. But lately, I've had this yearning for something more. And it's a feeling that comes and goes at times in my life. And I'm holding onto the fact that God truly is all I need. In His timing I will meet the one I'm to share the rest of my life with. I know that being single is hard right now. I surely thought that by now I would be married and have kids. It's just not right for now. I have friends and family that do things with me. I go places. I don't sit still really. But even in all the chaos, at times I'm just lonely. So I'm more than thankful and grateful for others like Kelly who choose to stand in the gap for people like me. To be pray warriors when at times I don't feel as though I can pray for myself. And if you are that type of person, thank you.
Tay thought Sarah's new bed was perfect for him 
I was washing some clothes, and he wanted to clean the windows. So I let him.  
concentrating very hard

November 29- Tay was ready to go back to school. He wanted to see his friends again. So another day of drop off, carpool, homework, and work for all of us around here.
waiting to get out at school
playing skip bo- the kid's version
a roaring fire

November 30- It's the last day of November and I can't believe it. Time sure does fly. After taking Tay to school, I took a nap. It wasn't long enough though. We came home to find the men there putting in a new fence. I didn't really think anything of it. Until they were in the backyard with their noisy machines taking out the old fence to put in the new one. During our naptime. Needless to say, there wasn't a lot of naping that afternoon. Then it was back to work for me that night.
it's going to be gorgeous once it's finished 
Anns reading

Now, onto December and the holiday season!

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