Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing in the new year

I didn't have any plans for New Year's Eve night. I ended up doing some things around my house. Jametra and I went to dinner. One the way home, we passed a firework stand. On a impulse, we stopped. I can't remember ever lighting fireworks myself. So it was time to start my Bucket List a day early. And so we went home and shot fireworks to bring in the new year. It was really fun and then I went to bed. Such a great way to end my year and ring in the new year.
got these to start my new year off right! new Bible study, One Year Bible, a new journal 
Jametra at dinner 
the loot 
Jametra lighting roman candles 
me lighting a rooster 
it worked! 
me popping snappers 
so cool 

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