Saturday, May 12, 2012

Journey to a new me

There isn't a time in my life where I can remember being a healthy weight. I have been overweight for well over 13 years. I was always the bigger girl on the cheer leading team. Always the one who couldn't shop with friends in high school. I was the girl with the pretty face, but needed to lose weight. It's not that I didn't realize my struggle. Hello, I was the one living my life. I saw the looks on other people's face. I knew that boys weren't attracted to bigger girls. Or at least the ones at my school weren't. Many times I felt left out of things because of my size. And although there were people in my life that continued to tell me that I was pretty or beautiful, I just couldn't see it myself. And honestly I struggled with my self worth and confidence for many years, until I went through some counseling a few years ago. And finally, I could see that I am so much more than what the scale says.
I have been thinking seriously about how much I need to lose some weight over the past couple of years. I even tried out for Biggest Loser last year. I did lose some weight, yet only to gain it back. Several family health situations began to arise, and I knew I needed to lose the weight for good. I watch several friends began to lose weight through bariatric surgery. They were truly happy with the results. I began studying the different options I had available to me. Seven months ago, I met with a doctor and began the process of one having a gastric sleeve procedure. It isn't a thing I went into lightly. I prayed and prayed. I asked questions. I didn't just jump in. And once my mind was set, I was ready. So May 8, 2012 my life changed forever. I had the sleeve procedure done and am not looking back. I am very excited about this journey. The slogan at the doctors office is "Journey to a new you." I am looking forward to being able to do things I couldn't do before losing the weight. I am thrilled about the new opportunities that this change may bring into my life.

Details of surgery: On the morning of surgery, Jametra took me to the hospital. She waited with me and stayed until I came to my room. So thankful she's in my life. In pre-op, I got into a hospital gown, my IV started, waited. The doctor, the CRNA, and a nurse all came into my room to go over last minute details. I was then wheeled to the OR. Once I was on the table, I had to count to 4. I made it to 3. Ha. When I woke up, I was coming into recovery. I was able to hear and understand things going on around me. I was then taken to my room. Once there, I opted to go ahead and get dressed and began walking. I knew that walking was required, and I wanted to get a start on it. I feel very blessed that I wasn't nauseated or sick. The first day I walked and walked. I slept pretty good that night. The second day, I walked some more. I talked to friends/family. I watched tv. I walked. I read magazines and books. I walked. I had a few visitors throughout the day. The next day, I was able to go home a in the afternoon. I was so ready to go home. So thankful to have people in my life that have supported me on this journey.
Jametra and I in pre-op 
getting ready to roll 
right after recovery 
some entertainment 
walking in the hall 
the board where you mark the laps that you walk- my lines were burn rubber and jack rabbit 
sitting in the chair 
view from my room 
my final lap count- 135 (you have to walk 18 laps in order to go home) 
beautiful flowers and gifts 
Trey came to visit


  1. You look so happy! Can't wait to go on this "virtual" journey with you!!!
    No matter what the scale says, you know I have always thought you were super pretty no matter what!!
    Get well soon !

  2. So happy for you saw you had lost 27 lbs since your last drs appt! So happy for you keep it up! I know you are looking good!! I can't wait to follow on your journey over the next few months and meet you in just about 10 short days!!