Saturday, May 19, 2012

Back at it...

On May 14th, I went back to keeping kiddos. I realize I was only six days post op. But I knew I could handle it. Or at least I hoped. I knew that if I needed more time, that all I had to do was tell their mom. Besides, I was missing the kids and was bored at home. The kids know that I had surgery. Tay thought I had back surgery and told someone that they had to go to the animal kingdom to get me a bone for my back. So stinking cute. He soon learned that I had stomach surgery. He happens to be tall enough for his head to touch my biggest incision. We found that out the hard way. No worries, though. I am fine and he knows now that he has to be gentle around my stomach. We had a very relaxing day at home. Anns was in school and had gymnastics afterward. So we just chilled. Exactly what I needed to do.
so happy to see him 
trying to get a picture 
we did some bike riding while it was nice outside 
as well as some schoolwork

May 15th- Today was Tay's last day of school. He will not be going to the summer program. They had a fun day at the downtown park. I rested while he was at school. We then picked up Anns and headed home for the afternoon.
ready for his last day- they were going to play in the water at the park 
waiting in the drop off line 
he doesn't always like to smile for the camera

May 16th- Tay and I hung out at home until time to go get Anns. It was a simple day to say the least.
this boy LOVES some cheese puffs 
typing a letter 
my view in my living room- very floral 
decided to watch a friend tonight. Miss her (btw, this is Chonda Pierce)

May 17th- Today I got to add more things to my diet. It increases every Thursday. I was so excited. About soup. I knew that O'Charley's had my favorite soup that day, so Tay and I went for lunch. We picked up a sweet Edible Arrangement that my friend Misty sent me. She lives in TX and sent it to me for a get well gift. So sweet. We played at the playground in the mall until time to get Anns from school. After naptime, we played outside. I had to help Tay catch a frog. He named him Jumpy. We did let it go. Then we wrapped Anns's teachers gifts. We rode bikes before bath time. Then it was baths and bedtime.
vase of fruit 
coloring at O'Charley's
really cute shoes in Charming Charlie that I like 
holding him tightly 
Jumpy the frog 
wrapping all by herself 
bike riding 
story time in bed

May 18th- Last day of school for Anns. So to celebrate, we went to Extreme Yogurt for frozen yogurt. Then we played outside for a while.
enjoying the yogurt 
fun on the slide 
even Maggie joined in 
beautiful day

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