Saturday, May 26, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

May 21st- Hannah came over to watch the kids while I ran a couple of errands that morning. I had my two week check up at the doctor. I'm officially down 27 pounds. Yay! We went to the store for some grocery shopping. Over the weekend, Tay wrote his name on the wall with a crayon. So, that was top priority. Getting that off the wall worked well with the help Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. After naptime, we rushed Anns to gymnastics.
cleaning his name off the wall 
and scrubbing 
she likes gymnastics so much

May 22nd- I have a friend from work that needed someone to watch her son for a few hours, so he spent the day with us. The kids all played really well together. And had a blast.
electronic gadgets 
lego world 

on the water slide 
big splash 

love these kiddos 
yummy lunch

May 23rd- We spent the day cleaning out closets, rooms, drawers, etc.... So I didn't take any pictures. Can't imagine why not. It felt really good to have those things done. Now, I hope we can keep them clean through the summer.
May 24th- We went to my friend Holly's house to have a day at the pool. We ordered pizza and I took some snacks. Holly has girls around Anns's age and I brought Trey along to play with Tay. It was a win-win for everyone. I had a great time. I know that kids enjoyed it.

pool boy 
all smiles 
Anns and Gracie 
Holly- a great hostess
all the kiddos 
one tired boy 
maybe a little too much sun
May 25th- We spent the morning getting last minute things together for their trip to the beach. They left around lunch time, so I had the afternoon off. Glorious! I went to dinner and up to work to see everyone.
newly painted nails 
flying helicopter 
all dressed up and nowhere to go

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