Thursday, May 31, 2012

A week of vacation

May 26th- While the Hill's were gone to the beach for the week, I was house/dog/cat/fish sitting. I spent the day doing absolutely NOTHING! I took a long bath and read a book. Great start to a "free" week.
puppy play time

May 27th- I went to church and that afternoon I watched television. Reality shows to be more exact. One bonus: it wasn't Disney channel. I went to a friends house for dinner. She was having a get together for her husband's birthday.
Berea and I 
Bella, Beka, and I 
Kadence sat in my lap for a while 
sunset on the way home
May 28th- Happy Memorial Day! I'm so thankful to all the men and women who have or currently serve our country. So blessed to live in the USA. My friend was having a memorial/birthday pool party for her son, so Trey, Ella, and I went. We stayed a while, then we came back to feed the animals and have dinner. They spent the night with me and did really well. This was the first time Ella had stayed the entire night.
Ella and Trey at lunch
the twins got their own little pool
Trey playing ball with the big boys
waiting to get in the pool 
in her yellow polka dot bikini
pool time fun 
Ella loved it so much 
Trey's cake 
Ketra and Trey- they have the same birthday
May 29th- I got up and fed animals and Ella while Trey still slept. We went to the mall to play and window shop. I then took them to the park and my mom met us there. We left there and I went to get Hollie. She was coming to help me clean out a few more things and to stay the night.
sitting in her rocker 
one happy boy at Chick-Fil-A 
just chilling 
sweet jelly shoes
loves any type of game
Ella and I watching Trey
drives like a 16 yr old
I had to play a game myself
the boy can THROW a ball
cute smile at the park
Couldn't love this boy more
Ella and my mom swinging
his idea of swinging
kids with Mimi
perfect Godchildren
brother and sister
giving it a shot at some 4 month pictures

such a sweet and precious girl-she's just growing too fast
May 30th- Hollie and I did clean some. We ended up at the lake for the afternoon. It really was fun. I enjoyed getting to spend that time with her. We are all so busy now, I feel as though I never see her (or Hannah). We came back and grabbed dinner to go. We ate and watched some tv. Afterwards, we finished the cleaning that we needed to get done. It was early to bed for me, because I was tired!
love "the beach", even at the lake 
the sun hid behind the clouds most of the day 

Hollie enjoying a snack

May 31st- For the past three years, my mom and I have taken Trey over to Alabama Adventure. Today was the day to do that again this year. I took Hollie home bright and early. Then picked up Trey and my mom met us. We had a great day. We spent all day at the water park and then headed to Subway for dinner.
before dropping Hollie at home 
Ipod entertainment for the drive 
had to cover up with his towel 
that smile, those cheeks 

at the entrance
what can I say, he ate the whole thing (with a small bit of help from Mimi) 
too short to sit all the way in the chair 
4 big slides that we rotated through all day- yes I rode all 4 slides 3wks after having surgery and loved every minute 
made some friends
his favorite place to play 
in front of the big slides 

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