Sunday, June 3, 2012

Blog world meets real world

When I first started this blog, I had NO idea what it would turn into. I didn't except to form true friendships through people I'd never met. Yet, that's exactly what has happened. I have been so blessed to meet several bloggers and now consider them friends. We come from all walks of life. Some live close to me and others live farther. I happen to LOVE when I'm able to meet a blog friend in real life. You know, sit and talk face to face. Get to take that photo of both of you. Together. In the same picture.

On June 1st, my blog friend Ashley and her mom Debbie came to Tupelo for the Elvis Presley festival. Ashley had told me about her mom being a big Elvis fan, but had never been to his birthplace. I looked up some information for her and they decided to come to my town for the weekend. As it got closer, Ashley and I made plans to meet up for dinner one night while they were here. So on Friday night, I met them at a local Mexican place. I didn't know much about her mom and I was a little nervous. There wasn't a need for nerves. I loved spending the next 5 hours talking and getting to know them. Ashley and I have a lot in common. Much more than I even could imagine. And Debbie is a hoot! They are both so fun. I immediately loved both of them and honestly was sad that our night had to end. After all, the restaurant was closed and we were standing in the parking lot. HA! They spent Saturday touring around Tupelo. Making all the important stops such as the birthplace of the king. When they were on their way to dinner, Ashley text me and invited me along. I said of course. We ended up talking until that restaurant closed down for the night as well. I enjoyed EVERY single moment that I was able to share with these two incredible women. Ashley and I even convinced her mom to start a blog. So go visit Debbie. I absolutely can't wait for the next time that we are able to get together. Maybe I should take a road trip to AR.
Ashley, me, Debbie
Ashley and I 
Debbie and I
Ashley and I on Saturday night

These are two AMAZING and very TALENTED women. I feel so blessed to call them friends!


  1. Loved the pics and the wonderful story of the meeting. Ashley and I are also blog buddies, so it was good to hear about her. It reminded me of our meeting and the nerves we both had that quickly vanished as we talked.
    I would love to do a trip with these 2 ladies, you, and me!! We would have a blast!!
    Thanks for letting me share in your life! Love you friend!

  2. I love your post! I enjoyed finally meeting you and hearing your voice!!! I'm so proud to call you my friend!! Ready for next time! Maybe we can meet in LR and we can eat at Old Chicago! One of my favorite places!