Monday, June 4, 2012

It's June Already?

June 1st- I made an appointment with my wonderful hair dresser. I wanted a new look. A few hours later, I walked out with a fresh do. I also had a pedicure before meeting up with Ashley and Donna. Read about my blog friend meet up here.
color applied
pedicure is a must have in my world 
saw this bike at Walmart- I want it 

June 2nd- I spent most of the day laying in bed watching tv. I met Jametra to eat dinner. Then Ashley and her mom invited me to meet them. So of course, I did. Again, we stayed until they closed. So much fun!
just me 
before and after 
Ashley and I 
bought this onesie for Ella

June 3rd- I went to church then came home to rest. I turned on the tv, plugged in my computer, and tried to get some things done. Of course, I watched tv more than getting things done.
love 7th Heaven

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