Friday, June 8, 2012

VBS week 1

Around here, we are starting the summer off right. With Vacation Bible School of course. The church where Tay goes to school sent out invites to all the kids. So I signed both kiddos up. They had a great time and loved every minute.
June 4- After I dropped the kids off, I went to the gym. I was hoping to get started with a routine. I can't do anything besides cardio. No pushing or pulling. After the gym, I picked up Ella. After getting the other kids, we headed home for lunch and naptime.
matching for the first day of VBS 
Ella has a silly look
Anns and Ella 
Anns and I played cards

June 5- Happy Birthday to my grandfather! I love this man more than words can tell you. Keeping with my new found routine, I headed to the gym after dropping kids off at VBS.
I adore this man- he's ALWAYS been there for me
just riding the bike at the gym
doing a little reading as well

June 6th- A morning workout at the gym. Kids off to VBS. A surprise party for a great friend at church. Pretty good Wednesday to me.
bike riding again 
pedal faster 
my grandparents are saving up quarters to buy me a new outfit. It's more of an inside joke than anything else. But I still think it's fun.

June 7th- After I picked up the kids from VBS and Hollie from her class, we headed to the lake. It was a great day and we had a lot of fun.
he absolutely LOVES the sand 
seriously LOVES it 
Hollie and Anns  
swimming girls 
more sand 
two extremely tired and worn out kiddos

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