Monday, June 11, 2012

Kentucky Weekend

June 8th- I had taken the day off so that I could go to Kentucky to visit my friend Kaylynn. She had baby Allen seven weeks ago and I was so ready to meet him. So I drove to her house and we had dinner and went to a baseball game (more for her husband). I loved seeing her and Tim. Allen is simply precious!!!
hello KY!
Allen and I outside of the Amish store
happy baby 
content at the ballgame 
go team 
hey batter batter SWING

June 9th- We got up and had breakfast. Kaylynn, Allen, and I went to the mall in Paducha. I loved getting out and seeing more of the town. That night I offered to stay home with Allen while his parents enjoyed a night out. We had bathtime, night feeding, and bedtime. Simple. And I loved every minute.
sleepy baby 
Kaylynn trying on a hat in Charming Charlie 
bright eyed 
cute overalls 
what you lookin at 
bath time 
hungry boy 
snuggled in his robe  
baby love is the best

June 10th- I woke up early and came home. I had a place that I needed to stop at before coming home. I stopped in Jackson, TN to attend church at Englewood Church. The service was great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had lunch a Cheddar's. YUMMY! Then I ran my errand and headed home.
church sign 
I had never eaten here before 
cool fans 
waiting on my order 
yummy food- of course I only ate about 5 bites, but brought the rest home

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