Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July 21-31

July 21- A day of sleeping after working the night before and having to work again, is usually not on my agenda. However, I found it really rewarding that I spent all day in bed. I had thought I would get up and do a few things. Those things didn't happen and it was ok. After all, it was back to work that night for me.
July 22- We had a great church service. Lots of us did cardboard testimonies. If you have never seen them, check out YouTube. I don't have any pictures or the video of ours yet. It was extremely powerful and so moving. To remember where God had brought each of us from. And to know that He is faithful no matter what. I cried so hard reading some of the boards. Then I came home to crash. Another afternoon and evening of sleep for me.
my friend Berea's little boy was sleepy so Bro. Derek held him for a while

July 23- After a lazy morning at home, the kids and I went to the mall to look at some kids clothes for the upcoming school year. We got some jeans for Tay. We then went to Chuck E Cheese. We had lunch and the kids played until all their tokens were gone. Of course, they loved it and had so much fun. When I got off, Jametra and I headed to Columbus to shop at a store. We had dinner and came on back. Being able to spontaneously go somewhere like that is one thing have missed over the past 3 years. But it all has a way of working out.
they love mornings when I let them play with their electronic devices 
trying on jeans 
Chuck E Cheese fun
my ride or die chick

July 24- Two little girls came to play with us for the day. We went to lunch and to the skating ring. They had so much fun. I can roller blade but not roller skate. I am going to learn how one day. I've added it to my bucket list.

July 25- The kids and I went bowling in the morning and to have sushi for lunch. Their Nana was picking them up for the rest of the week after lunch. They were going to spend time with their cousins who are visiting from TN. Glad that the kids got to see them. It also meant a break in my everyday life as well.

July 26- Jametra had a doctor's appointment that morning, so I tagged along. He didn't have any new information for us, so now we wait to see the next doctor. I took a small nap before getting up to get a massage. Finally getting my "reward" for losing 50 lbs. After my massage, I got a pedicure. Might as well make it a day of pampering, right?
bored while waiting for the doctor to come in
so relaxing

July 27- Trey is starting kindergarten this year. I wanted to take him to get his school supplies and some clothes for the fall. So I picked him up that morning. We hit the mall as soon as it opened. We got jeans, shirts, a backpack, and a lunch box. Next up was Walmart. I was amazed at all the stuff kindergartners need. The supply list was long. But we got it all. He liked being able to pick out the things he wanted. We checked into a hotel for the night. His mom brought Ella and two of his cousins to swim for a little while. We went to see Madagasgar 3. Jametra came up for a little while. We ordered pizza and just chilled out in the room.
I love this little boy so much. Can't imagine my life without him. So thankful to be his Godmother.

July 28- I got up earlier than I meant to be. I was able to go back to sleep for a while. Trey slept until about 10:30. After we checked out, I took him to meet his mom. Then I headed home myself. Jametra and I decided to eat at Outback that evening. It was really good as usual. A very laid back Saturday for me.

July 29- I went to church that morning and spent my afternoon resting before work.
Grey and Zeke- cousins in the nursery 
Abi and I

July 30- The kids went to the zoo with friends, so I had the day off. And it's no surprise that I slept all day and came back into work. Just a typical day.
perfect lunch for me

July 31- Anns and I did some errands while Tay went to get a haircut. We had lunch and met their dad to get Tay. We spent the afternoon at home.
cute lunch date

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