Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 13- 18

August 13- Tay and I took Sarah (their dog) to the vet that morning. The news wasn't good for Sarah. We picked her up later that day.
Tay with Sarah 
telling my all about school

August 14- We ran to Walmart. On the way back home, we saw a one car accident right in front of my friends house. She was standing outside, so we stopped and visited with her for a few minutes. I stayed late that night. I fixed dinner and made cookies for dessert. After dinner we rode bikes. Then it was baths and bed. I honestly love this "extra" time with the kids. There's just something about the routine of things.
a woman hit a mailbox and flipped her car- she was ok 
while we were talking to Wanda 
he ran into the counter over the weekend 
a good picture of us 
great kids 
they were playing "invisible skating"- imaginations gone wild 
after dinner fun

August 15- Tay had his first dentist appointment. His mom took him and I had the rest of the day off. So of course, I had agreed to keep Ella for the day already. She was really good. We hung out at home. Jametra and I watched a movie while she napped that morning. Ella and I went to Hobby Lobby to window shop my party. We had an early dinner. Then we went to my parents' house so they could see her for a little while.
she wore her dress my friend Hillary made for her-finally
she's holding her own cup/bottles
tried lemon for the first time- and just like her brother, she loved it
I did a few photos of her in her dress for her 7 months pictures:

loves to stand up
she has them wrapped 
beautiful sunset

August 16- I went to the gym that morning. Tay like to go and play in the child care area. He says it's fun. I need to get back into a routine. After all, I am planning a very important party! Afterward, we went swimming. A bonus of school being back in session, we had the pool to ourselves for over an hour. We stayed until it was time to get Anns. I got a text later that said Trey had pulled his first tooth at school that day. Said it wasn't a big deal to him. He was just sitting there and pulled it. Such a boy!
living the pool life 

August 17- Tay and I spent the morning at home. We ventured out for lunch. Just another afternoon at home.
playing in the play area

August 18- Since I worked all night, I spent the day in bed. I woke up around 12 and couldn't go back to sleep. I finished a book, watched a movie, played phase 10 and temple run. A very lazy Saturday at my house.

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