Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 20- 26

August 20- Tay and I ran some errands this morning. I have been looking at and searching for things for my upcoming party. We were able to get a few things crossed off the never ending list. Jametra and I went to her cousin's football game. It was a fun night.
he tried on a mask at the party store and decided that he wants an angry bird party next year
fun times at the flag football game
August 21- It was another typical day around here. Kids, carpool, homework, and more work for me at night.
Tay played safari hunter. We even went outside to hunt for fossils.
August 22- Another day at home. Another typical afternoon.
my co-worker got a gift from her secret pal for her birthday
August 23- Tay and I went to the gym. We got lunch from Peppers and headed to Amanda's house. Then we headed to get Anns.
jumping on the trampoline 
riding the scooter 
playing with sticks 
sidewalk chalk 
reading time
August 24- We did a few things that morning. That evening, I went to the football game. Anns was cheering before the game and I wanted to see Hannah cheer as well. I'm too social to attend games. I would rather talk and walk. HA!
pizza and orange soda for lunch 
I wanted this cookie- badly. So I ate a couple of bites, and was done.  
ready for the game-Go Troopers 
with Hannah 
sister power 
with Anns 
great cheerleaders 
my big cheerleader and my little cheerleader
August 25- I did not get out of my bed until after 10:00. It was glorious! Jametra and I went to lunch. We stopped by a friends' bake sale. We saw the movie Sparkle- great movie. Then we went to the mall to do a little window shopping. Or at least, that's what my goal was. Instead, I was the one who bought some new shoes. At the last minute, we decided to get pedicures while we were there. I wasn't thrilled with mine this time. Normally, they do a good job, but I feel as though I need another one now. Wasted money. Later that night, I went out with friends for a few hours. I haven't done that in a while, so it was fun to get out of the house.
I tried on some new jeans. I simply love them, but am trying not to spend money on clothes right now. These jeans are two sizes smaller and the shirt is one size smaller.
my friend Brianna had a bake sale to help raise money for her move to ATL- she's going to be working at the dreamcenter
my purchase of the day-yes I bought them and wore them. Ha! And they have a pair of wedges that I want. Who knew I would be wearing these shoes?
August 26- I ate lunch with the Trents' and Mom. I love them. It was great to see them. Then I went home to nap before work. A simple Sunday around here.
some of Hannah's senior pictures- she's breathtakingly beautiful

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