Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 27- 30

August 27- The morning was filled with getting Anns off to school and Tay ready for a dentist appointment. He had to get his cavities filled. His mom took him, so it was an early day for me. I went home to sleep before working again that night.
telling secrets
my favorite artist Mandisa was on GMA singing her song Good Morning, so of course we had to watch her! 
Isn't she absolutely BEAUTIFUL?
August 28- Tay had a reaction to the medicine they used at the dentist and his bottom lip is swollen. He played and wasn't bothered by his lip. It looks awful but he claims it doesn't hurt. We went to my grandparent's house for a few minutes. I needed to help them pack for our upcoming trip. Then we visited my other grandparents as well. Then it was carpool and naptime.
his new playdough set- the dentist 
open wide 
powered drill- see his lip :( 
playing in the fish pond at my grandparents 
really wanted to touch one of the fish
August 29- We spent the day at home. Tay's lip wasn't much better. He said he didn't feel like doing anything, so we didn't. And it was ok with me. We picked up Anns and did our regular afternoon routine.
chilling on the couch
August 30- We spent the morning laying around. We had to run a few errands before getting Anns from school. That night, I finished getting packed and ready to head out of town.
watching tv 
doing math homework 
cutie pie

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