Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hot Springs 2012

Every year my mom's family gathers in Hot Springs, AR for a 4 day family reunion. Aunts, uncles and cousins from all over come. We stay on Lake Hamilton. Boat rides, fireworks, food. You know, typical Labor Day weekend activities. I haven't been in several years because of work or doing other things. My grandfather practically BEGGED me to rearrange my schedule so that I could go and drive him, my grandmother, and aunt up there. So I did. We had a great time. It was great to see my family that I haven't seen in about 5years. Felt like old times, except now we are all grown up.

August 31- I got to my grandparent's house at 4:00 that morning. Too early if you ask me. But we were able to get on the road by 5. That's a miracle in and of itself. We were some of the first ones to arrived at the resort. We got checked in and unpacked. We had a small problem with some ants, so off to Walmart is was. We took care of the problem. My mom, dad, and I ventured out to eat and go back to Walmart for food. Once we returned, my mom and I went to the pool. I took a leap off the end and jumped in. I wasn't sure if I was breathing once I surfaced. It was COLD!!! Other family began to arrive. We spent the night catching up.
crossing the bridge 
my Laura Cooksey bracelet- needed that verse today 
late lunch early dinner choice 
salsa was really yummy
condo views
my cousins little girl- she's 11 months old and so cute! 
PawPaw with his great-grandchild 
Maddie was pinching Aunt Arneta's hand 
saw this at Walmart- debated on getting it
September 1- Of course, I was up bright and early. It was so cold in the condo. But once I opened the door to the balcony, it was much better. After breakfast, I got dressed for the day- swimsuit, flip flops, cover up. Yep, that's all I would need. After seeing everyone, I went to the pool. It was still cold. But the sun felt great. After a while, some of us went out for a ride on the boat. After we got back, it was time for lunch. We ate bbq at the resort. Later that evening, some of us went riding on the ski boat. We were watching a storm come in. It was supposed to get really nasty. So we brought the boat in after only a short ride. The rain began falling hard. After a while, four of us decided we could brave the weather to go shopping at the mall. I even bought a new dress that was 75% off. After we got back, we went into one room and played cards. Such a fun night.
my cousin Danielle and I
Maddie on her first boat ride 
the spitting fish 
Dylan, Danielle, and Maddie 
Danielle and Maddie swimming in the lake 
not sure about the wind
eating lunch 
wanting more 
saw this at Walmart- yes I made another trip to the Wally world 
evening out on the boat 
incoming storm
September 2- We got up early that morning. I was getting a facial and my mom was getting a massage at the bathhouse downtown. It was really good. I went into a few of the shops that were open. I found an AR Razorback shirt that I bought to support my AR friends. After we got back, we just hung out around the resort. My grandmother wanted to eat pizza, so she and I went and found a Pizza Hutt. Everyone was outside grilling steaks and hot dogs. It was a great supper- the steaks were anyway. Then we went out on the boat to watch the fireworks. It was such a pretty night to be on the water.
yes, please 
the oldest bathhouse in Hot Springs 
in my new Razorback shirt
this place wasn't open-but I would imagine they had great cupcakes 
my grandmother at Pizza Hutt
worked on my braiding skills 
Bekkah "cooking" hot dogs. She seemed lost. 
We heard the ice cream truck jingle. Then around the cove comes this ice cream boat. Yep, they sold ice cream from the boat.  
fun with my cousins on the water watching fireworks
September 3- It's a tradition to eat at The Pancake Shop downtown on the morning we leave, so we got up early and went to eat. When we came back, my grandparents, aunt, and some cousins decided they were going to eat. So while they were gone, I packed up their rooms and just waited. We got ready and were able to leave around 10:30. Some people had already left, but the majority of us all left around that time. Then it was back on the road for the journey home. Once I got back, Jametra and I met a friend for dinner at Red Lobster.
I had a great time away. Loved getting to see my cousins. Made lots of memories.
yummy goodness 
with Hannah 
Bekkah and Maddie 
acting crazy waving goodbye to some cousins 
Aunt Opal and Uncle Paul 
new dress

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