Friday, August 10, 2012

Just thinking...

I haven't really talked much about my surgery on here lately. Things are going really well from the medical stand point. I can eat anything I want, I just am not able to eat a lot at one time. For example Tay and I now share a kids meal at most places now. The amount of food that I am able to consume at one time is remarkable. I am still working on not drinking while I eat. It's tricky sometimes. I haven't been sick or had any issues. For that I am SO thankful. I do, however, burp so much now. TMI? But if that's the only thing that I have to deal with, then by all means, bring on the burping. It has now been 12 weeks and I am down 70 pounds and am now planning my 100 pound party. It seems unreal at times. I'm really looking forward to that day on the scales. I have a feeling I will be crying all day.

From the emotional/psychological stand point, I am noticing a difference. It's mostly in my confidence in myself. I was so broken for so long that I have a hard time coming into this new me after the past few years. It took me going through some intense therapy to realize that I'm worth it just as I am. I have grown over the past couple of years and established a self worth and have been okay with who I am. I knew that I had to love me for me before I could approach any type of weight loss program. I have noticed lately that with my current weight loss, I have become more outgoing and even daring. I mean, hello I went on a blind date! I am actually looking forward to doing things that would once hinder me because of my weight and how I felt about myself. I re-read some of my posts from a couple of years ago and finally realized that I was pretty miserable with who I was. All because of my weight and the things I associated with it. As I am getting beyond those mind sets, I am becoming free. And it's a freeing experience to not hold onto those emotions or feeling any longer. So, I am embracing the sassy, more confident me. Look out world!

the left picture is from Feb 2011 when I tried out for BL
the right picture is from Aug 2012 when I tried on a dress for my 100 pound lost party
Can you tell a difference?

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  1. You look fantastic! I am so proud of you! I can't wait to see you in person and hear all about your 100 pound party wish I could make it!! You look amazing in that little black dress!!