Friday, August 10, 2012

August 6- 10

August 6- I had all four kids (Anns, Trey, Tay, and Ella). We went to lunch and ran a few errands that morning. Then we came home to play for a while. I do love having all of them together. Now that Ella is bigger, she loves to play with the bigger kids. It's so much fun to watch them interact.
told me is pecan roll looked like a tornado 
me with Ella 
Tay sang to Ella in the middle of Dollar Tree- it was a priceless moment 
me with my army 
so happy 
four wild children 
first coke ICEE 
playing baby with a real baby 
his new airplane 
love this boy
I tried on some of Jametra's shoes- they fit. I happen to really like this pair.

August 7- It was the first day of school around here. Read here about all my kiddos. Tay and I spent the morning doing some chores around the house. We picked up Anns and school. Then we went to have a special first day back at school snack- chocolate covered strawberries! They were so yummy. Well worth it.
playing with his new train and cars
getting fall clothes washed and hung up 
Tay's jelly roll snack 
car pool nap 
yummy yummy goodness

August 8- Tay and spent the day at home. We got Anns from school. I dropped them off at church on my way to work. Anns had to be there earlier than Tay, so he and I grabbed some ice cream while we waited.
snack time 
ice cream date

August 9- Another day at home for us. I happen to love going and doing things with the kids, but I'm also just as happy to hang out and play at home. Their mom picked up Anns from school. I went home earlier than usual and went straight to bed.
he LOVES his new train 
looking into the view master-Tay had to tell me everything that I should be seeing
had to see it for himself

August 10- I had to get my blood done for my insurance. Tay was so good. We met Jametra for breakfast at IHOP. Then we cleaned my car and got my oil changed. We got Anns from school. It was a good afternoon. After their mom got home, I headed out on a last minute trip to Nashville.
right arm 
left arm- yep my first time of getting stuck twice for blood 
ate so much at breakfast 
car wash 
cleaning out his side of the seat 
Ipad fun while waiting on the mechanics

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