Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 4- 9

September 4- I had the day off from being a nanny. Their mom had taken some time off this week. Today was Tay's first day of school. This is his last year at the preschool. I might have cried because I wasn't taking him to school. For the past 3 years, I've taken him. Walked him inside. Took his picture with his teacher. You know, the normal stuff. But since his mom was off and able to do it herself, she took him. And he loved every minute of it. He thought it was great. Anns also started her new swim team today. First day of practice. I'm honestly so happy that their mom was able to go and do all these things with her kids today. So what do I do with a day off, I lay in bed until 10:00, go to Lifeway, and have my first pumpkin spice latte of the season. Not a bad day indeed.
my LifeWay finds 
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September 5- Back to regular programming around here. Except now we added swim practice every afternoon Mon-Thur. Just a small detail. So now the afternoons are filled with homework, snack, and out the door to swim. We had to do away with our afternoon naptime except on Friday. That makes me kinda sad. But it is this new season of life and the kids are having a ball. That's all that really matters.
happily reunited with this boy
ready to swim 
dare devil 
September 6- There are lots of new changes going on at the hospital. After dropping off Tay, I had to attend an hour long class. After getting kids that afternoon, I had to drop them off early with their mom so that I could attend an eight hour class that evening. I'm so glad that it didn't last that long. We were there about four and a half hours. Jametra and I met Hannah at Logans to have supper. I love these random nights with friends.
Hannah and I
September 7- Tay and ran lots of errands today. I'm so thankful that he rolls with the punches. I was staying with the kids until late that night. After naps, we went to the flea market. We headed to the Mooreville football game to watch Hannah cheer and Hollie in the band. The kids were great. We left after half time and came home to bed.
love living these life moments
September 8- I have been needing to go to Memphis to look for an outfit for my party. I got up and decided today was the day. I talked Jametra into coming along for the ride. We stopped at a few stores in Southaven before going into Germantown. I did find something that I like. As did she. We couldn't go to Germantown with eating at our favorite place- Bahama Breeze. It felt so great that we ate outside. Perfect.
too cool 
tuna that I ordered- didn't realize it was RAW. It had to be returned. 
the makeup at Sephora- I could do some damage in there.
September 9- I ended up helping in the nursery at church today. I love kids, so it was fun. I came home to rest for the afternoon. Church, afternoon nap, work that night. Happy Sunday!
me and Abby 
Gavin and Zeke 
beautiful weather 
just me

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