Sunday, October 21, 2012

Keep Believing

Lately, I have been reminded so much of God's faithfulness to me. He has always seen me through the good times as well as the tough times. I am in awe of His love for me. I tend to take for granted that His love is unconditional. He STILL loves me even though I make mistakes daily. He STILL loves me even though I don't give Him the time He deserves. He STILL loves me. Period. God loves me. Someone at church reminded me that God will fight my battles for me. I have a hard time letting go and giving all control over to God. I like the aspect of control. Yet, it hinders my relationship with God. One battle that has been going on for me is purchasing a new vehicle. I know it may not seem like a battle to many people, but for me it was. I wanted to pay off my car. I wanted to save some money. I wanted to be sure. All of those things that you take into account before making a big life decision. I really needed a bigger vehicle with more seats. As a nanny, my car was maxed out every week. I figured I would get through the holidays and then start looking into some options. I have wanted an Armada for a couple of years now. I just loved the way they look and the room available. But, realistically I knew there was no way I could afford one. So I looked into smaller SUVs. I liked the Pilot. A local car lot had a fantastic looking Pilot. I even stopped and looked at it. And drove past it. And stopped and looked at. And drove past..... Some friends talked me into just looking into it. Just ask. So I called. And a plan began to form. The plan was coming together and when I had things set, the Pilot was sold. Of course. But, God knew. I drove past the lot and in the same spot as the Pilot once sat, there was a black Armada. So I called. And asked. And I'm so proud to say that the Armada is now in my driveway!!!! What I once dreamed of impossible, God turned to possible. He knew all along that one of my dreams would come true on Oct 20. And once again, His faithfulness amazes me. I'm reminded to keep believing in my dreams. To not give up, but to press on. God's timing is not our timing. Praising God for a new vehicle!
On Saturday, the plan was for Dr. Hill to meet Trey, Ella and I at the car lot. She was going to watch the kids while I finished my paperwork. Annsley and Taylor were up at 6 that morning asking to come with her so that they could be the first ones to ride in the new vehicle. So funny. So all four kids were there. It went really great though. We were the only ones there. So the kids all got in and our first stop was the mall. I was so excited that I forgot to take a picture at the car lot, so I had to take some at the mall.
I'm very proud and excited about this new car.

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