Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Identity

October 21- Jametra and I got up and went to Crosspointe this morning. It was just what I needed. The message was on a new identity. Some of my notes:
Gen. 12:1-4
God's Word is our identity.
Are you a child or a son?
Leaving the old place.
Leaving the place of comfort.
When we move we become uncomfortable.
Heb. 11: 15
John 14:2-3
Joshua 1:3
Put your foot on the Word when you identify it.
Psalm 91:1
The secret place
You can't abide if you don't have your identity.
Leaving the family.
Some of your family is too familiar with you.
The difference in people is what they see.
Matthew 13: 54-57
Leaving the Father's house.
The covering.
You need someone to show you the way.
When you're in the dark it doesn't matter who turns on the light.
The vision.
To be a door for generations to come.
Open the door and walk through it.
Abram losses focus of the vision.
Satan is after the seed of the vision.
Matthew 3:17
Matthew 4: 1-4
If he can get the seed out of you, he's got you.
If you have no Word in you, you don't have an identity.
Matthew 13:19
Abram refocuses the vision.
You have to do some separating.
You have to continue to hear the Word.
Gen. 17:5
Our new name.
Grow in the Word.
Matthew 21:13
The house of prayer.
Jametra and I

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