Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 29-31

October 29- Taylor and I spent the morning running errands. He really is the best kid. He just takes things in stride and goes with the flow.
eating his taco 
getting a hair cut 
crockpot BBQ, baked beans, peach cobbler
October 30- It has turned cold here. It was dress up day at Taylor's school. He wanted to wear his fireman costume. He was so cute! They got lots of candy and he was hyper when he came home. But he said he loved it. Of course.
it's COLD 
Fireman Taylor
worn out
October 31- It was 60% day at Anns's school. We made a trip to Walmart and come home to bake cookies. After nap time, I got them dressed to go trick or treating. They turned out really cute.
Isreal and New Breed's new cd plus coffee made my morning
my idea of making cookies 
she loved putting the dough on the sheets
Annsley went as a witch and Taylor was a police officer
At work later that night, my kiddos came to visit. We had a bowl of candy for all the kids.
Trey and Ella
she needed a sucker too 
loved every minute of her grape sucker 
and enjoyed it

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