Monday, January 28, 2013


January 24- It was pajama day at Taylor's school, so we picked out his angry bird pjs for him to wear. He is so stinking cute! I went to see about my grandmother that morning. That evening I got together with three friends for a Mexican birthday dinner. It was great to just enjoy ourselves.
see how cute he is 
fresh and clean 
Allecyn, Hannah, Jametra, and I
January 25- Taylor and I spent the day running some errands. I asked what he wanted for lunch. He said chips and chicken. That translates into rotel and chips from Peppers Deli and chicken from the Chinese place. So it was to the mall for lunch. That evening I was meeting my grandparents, parents, and brother to have dinner. I invited Jametra, the Hills, and Hannah to tag along as well. It was a great meal. I happen to love Centerville Fish and Steak and not just because my family owns it. Hannah and I hung out for a little while after that.

Tay bug 
his perfect lunch
ready to go 
Annsley and I
the crew
Jametra got me something I would never buy for myself- the Naked makeup. I love it.
 Makes me wear makeup more often.
January 26- I spent the morning with Amanda and Hannah getting things ready for the upcoming Charity Ball. We did some shopping. And some shopping. And had lunch. That evening I was getting together with friends for a night of cards and drinks. There was certainly some fun to be had. Great food, great drinks, and great friends. Who could ask for more? It was a fun night indeed.
the purse Ken and Hollie and the gift card Amanda and Hannah gave me for my birthday
trying on spring clothes- this proves my point that bigger women shouldn't wear colored skinny jeans 
all dressed up
with Hannah 
Gena and baby Freeman 
Denise and Jametra
January 27- I got a cake and took it to my grandparents house so that my grandmother could have cake with me. She is too funny. But it was worth it. I didn't stay to long since I had to work.
yummy goodness 
my pawpaw 
MamaDean and I 
my brother and grandfather put a cross on the tree of the wreck and I stopped to see it

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