Sunday, January 20, 2013

January 14-18

January 14- I got Ella for part of the day. The kids LOVE when she or Trey come over. Taylor kept trying to help her do everything. He said he's getting ready for his baby brother. I hope he's helpful when that time comes. And FINALLY, my phone arrived that afternoon. Time to come out of the dark ages.
really stupid picture of me- thought it was too funny not to share

January 15-  I had a follow up appointment this morning. So far down 120 pounds. Not too bad. Then it was kids and car pool lines.

my new boots- waited to take a picture until I had my new phone 
made dijon chicken for dinner

January 16- I spent some time while kids were in school browsing the aisle in Hobby Lobby. Because of Pintrest, I have some DIY projects in mind. Needed to get some prices and things in my head.
I'm loving these fabrics 
wanting to paint this on a canvas

January 17- SNOW! It actually snowed. Taylor was so excited and wanted to stay home and play. He went to school, however. I went to my house after dropping him off and there was so much snow. It's odd how one part of town is covered in snow and another is not. But it was very pretty and didn't last long.
this is his excited face 
lots of snow at my house

January 18- Another typical Friday around here. Nothing new to brag about.
got this shirt in the mail-my SIL would be so proud 
this is one way to not have to defrost your windshield

January 19- Ella's 1st Birthday! After work that morning, I worked on a couple of projects for her party before taking a nap. I got up around lunch to meet my friends that were in town from KY. So good to see them and their baby. I stopped at Starbucks and headed home to finish the projects before heading off to the party. Party pictures coming soon.
with Kaylynn and Allen 
Starbucks, Chonda, and goody bags

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