Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Waiting

I've celebrated Easter for every year that I have been alive. When I was little, it was more about the candy, egg hunts, and a new dress. After I gave my life to Jesus, it became more intentional to focus on what Christ did for me on the Cross. I would give thanks to God for His redeeming love. I would be thoughtful in my praises. I would eat lunch with my family. In all honesty, it was more of a "regular" day except I was mindful of the Cross more often. Until last year.
Last year, I was in a season of doubt and searching for answers during this time. I had met with a pastor at my church and he encouraged me to come to church weekly every Sunday for the 5 Sundays leading up to Easter. They were teaching a series and he felt that I would benefit from them. I went. I listened. I left. I was unchanged. And it's my fault. I couldn't see past the state I was currently living to allow God beyond the wall I had built.
These past few weeks we have been in a series titled Breaking In. It's how Jesus breaks into our everyday lives. So much of this series has hit me right in the middle of my softened heart. There are small nuggets from these sermons that stay with me throughout the weeks. And I know that God is using these to help break my walls. With Easter coming near, I've been thinking more and more about what it truly means.
So many times in my life I have overlooked the importance of that Saturday between the death and resurrection. Jesus died. He rose again. That's been my outlook for far to long. This year, I'm reminded so much of the waiting on Saturday. While others were waiting, Jesus went to Hades to proclaim His victory over evil and conquering the grave. Jesus wasn't simply lying in a tomb. He wasn't sitting there waiting for the third day. He was doing exactly what God had for Him to do.
I have spent probably 90% of my life waiting. Yet, I don't take into consideration the work that Jesus is doing during my waiting. How often do I rush things in my life because I'm tired of waiting?
This Easter, I reflect on Jesus taking every sin, every shame, every regret, every heartbreak, every one of my wrong doings because HE LOVES ME to hang on a Cross and die. As I celebrate His resurrection so that I may have eternal life, may I also be mindful of the day between.

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