Saturday, June 21, 2014

One foot forward

I love the world of blogging. Seriously, it's one of my favorite things. Getting to know other people. Seeing how their lives truly aren't so far from mine. A friend, Rachel, has written several thought provoking post lately. So much of what she is sharing from her heart hits me directly in my gut. I have being feeling lost for so long.
Lost in the hustle of my life.
Lost in my relationship with Jesus.
Lost in my relationships with other people.
Lost to the emotions of being present in daily things.
Lost in being focused enough to do the everyday tasks.
Lost in the feeling of not being enough.
Lost in the feeling of losing myself.
Lost in not knowing how I truly view life.
Lost in fear of the unknown.
Lost in waiting.
I just feel lost. Not sure. Unsettled.

Rachel has shared about losing her passion for blogging. This describes my life. A lost of passion. In everything. I want things to change, yet I feel very stuck. This is a hard season in my life. I also feel like this is the longest season I've ever been in. In order for ME to be truly happy with MY life, things have to change. Some things need to be added to my daily routine. Some things need to stop. It's about finding out what works for me right now. I am excited to join a Bible study that Rachel and Nicole are hosting starting June 30th. It's a step that I am 100% sure will be in the right direction. It's one step at a time, right?

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  1. I am SO excited to have you join us...I think it's going to be such a great thing for ALL of us. I know God has been pulling at my heart to get more into my Bible. And more intentional with other believers, so this is a perfect combination. I'm thankful to know you and can't wait to see what God has in store for us :)