Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I feel as though this post needs a warning. Reading the book Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker will undoubtedly change your way of thinking. Or at least it did mine.

By having the words When Jesus Wrecks Your Comfortable Christianity on the cover of the book, I knew deep down that it would affect me. I chose to read it anyway.

I have struggled so much with living out my faith. Especially if it means out of my comfort zone. I like my circle of friends. I like knowing fairly well how my day to day life will be lived out. I like all the materialistic things that I greatly have taken for granted.

In Interrupted, Jen talks about how God moved in her and her husband Brandon's hearts. He gave them a new vision for their lives. He called them to begin a church that loved and reached people beyond the four walls of the building. To go into the not so nice areas and love on people. To love the neighbor next door. To love by serving.

My heart began to beat a little faster only a few pages into the book. I felt a yearning in my spirit to ask God for a heart to love His people like He does. And not just the ones that would openly love me back. But for the ones that no one else may take time to serve and love on them. For those outside of my comfort zone.

Matthew 25:40 "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me." (NIV)
By becoming servants and in love with those around us, we become more like Jesus. It's about truly caring for other people. Not necessarily giving them stuff and being on my way. It's get down in the mess with them and living life.

One sentence that I kept coming back to was:

It's difficult to dismiss the idea of a redeeming Christ when His followers are pouring their lives out.

So often in my life, it is because of someone else obedience to God that has drawn me closer to Him. By the way they live out their faith. By extending a hug to a very broken girl. By holding my hand while waiting for a doctor to give me some results. By loving me in ways that I had never received love. It was and is hard for me not to see the redemption of Christ being offered to me. Yet, I have to be willing to receive it.
Why wouldn't I want others to have the opportunity to have a relationship with their Creator? Why do I hold back when at times I know that I am to step forward?

As I search my heart, I'm asking God to lead me where my trust is without borders. May my heart be broken for others. To truly love unconditionally.

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