Thursday, August 21, 2014

Names of God: Week 6

I am sad that this study is ending. I have enjoyed it so much. I feel as though it has stretched me and brought me closer to God. It came into my life at a very critical time, and I know it is what I needed. 

Jehovah- shalom the Lord is peace
When the hour is dark and the situation desperate, we finally long for God's peace. 
So often I don't even consider God's peace to be necessary when things are going well in my life. Yet, when things begin to unravel, I beg God for peace. Just a little. Just a glimpse of hope. God desires to be my peace through it all. In the tough times and also in the good times. His peace should cover my day to day life. 
True peace cannot be found except in a right relationship with God. 
My relationship with God is far from right. Am I seeking His will? Am I obeying what He is telling me to do? I know that I must come before Him with a heart of repentance. Except His forgiveness and walk in a right relationship with Him. 
He gives us a peace that does not alter, regardless of circumstances. 
Jehovah- sabaoth the Lord of hosts
From God's perspective, it is name that reminds His people of exactly who He is- not only the One who delivers, but also the One who judges. 
This name of God meets failure and offers deliverance. 
Jehovah- rahh the Lord my Shepherd
What makes the difference in sheep is the shepherd. 

God created sheep to be defenseless, "dumb" animals. He created them so that we might see our need for Him. To show us our total, absolute poverty of spirit, and to show us our need of a shepherd. 

We are the sheep and God is our Shepherd. Without His guidance, we will destroy ourselves. We are to know His voice and follow Him. How many times have I entered into situations without heeding to the voice of God? Many. And greatly due to the fact that I did not know His voice. 

Jehovah- tsidkenu the Lord our righteousness
Righteousness is more than goodness, it is a right standing with God. But righteousness is man requires a new heart. 
The only way for us to become righteous before God is through receiving Jesus. He is our Branch that makes us righteous before God.

Jehovah- shammah the Lord is there
The future seems so uncertain, so helpless to most people that they have lost their vision. 
God was and always will be there. He hasn't gone anywhere. It is us that have lost our faith in Him. 
Jehovah-qanna the Lord is jealous

God is a jealous God. He commands us to have no other gods before Him. He only is to be worshiped. From His jealously comes justice.

Sin does have its own harvest. 
We are to live in the expectancy of "His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, that is Jesus, who delivers us from the wrath to come." 1 Thess. 1:10
Although God gave left Jerusalem, He had to come back. He is Jehovah, a covenant-keeping God. 
I'm so grateful that God keeps His covenant with us. 

The one thing that I have relied and the most from this study is that God is I AM and He alone is enough. 

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