Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A year

I can not believe it has been a year since my grandmother took a last breath here on earth. Today, the memories from her last few months have been so vivid and strong in my mind. I remember painting her toes red for the last time. Hearing her laugh the Christmas before. Holding her hand. Trying anything and everything to get her to eat. Putting pool noodles on the side of her hospital issued bed. Bringing her cold wine because that's what she asked for, only for her to spit it out. She meant grape juice. The memory of her entire family at her house for Memorial Day. The noises she made. The silence that was sometimes present. The voices of just PawPaw, her kids, and grandkids in the room singing Jesus Loves Me when we knew we only had moments left. I was sitting by her side when she left this world. I climbed in the bed and held her body just like she did me when I was little. She was my biggest supporter and cheerleader. She loved me. I loved her. I still carry her love with me.

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